lunes, 10 de enero de 2011

Long time without you!

Hey you all!!! It's been a long time since I haven't written in here but last year was a bit stressing: I moved out, I lived in London for almost 4 months, came back last december to find myself without a proper job and a ridiculous timetable in Uni!
it's gonna be a supershort post since I want to start reblogging again but it will take my time since I need to focus on what am I going to do from now on but, first of all: happy new year! :)
I promise I will post something about my nay hair do's, my new tattoos and my new lifestyle and it is one of my new year's wishes: keep blogging regularly!

[London, Autumn 2010]

7 comentarios:

  1. em deixare de gilipollades que tanava a escriure en inglish pero ma futut molt pal!!

    ja que naltrus ens hem proposat tirar el nostre blog endavant esper que tu el teu tambe aixi ens anem comentant jijij :P

    eso eso pon fotos de tu pelo, tus tattoos, tu super amiguissima de las pecas :P jijijijij


    ti amooooo <3

  2. Thanks for stopping by!! So jealous that you live in Spain. Loving your blog!!

  3. Hola!
    Encantada de saludarte.
    Me gusta tu estética.
    Saludos rockabillys!

  4. estoy de sorteo, mira a ver si te quieres pasar :D

    un besin!

  5. Me los quito asi los puntos negros q suelo tener en la nariz y en la barbilla:

    un besin

  6. Reto superado! Hoy mi post, para ti! ;)